Who is Sofia Bevarly? Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend & Net Worth

sofia bevarly

Sofia Bevarly is a popular model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur based out of America. With a huge following of 1.9 million people on Instagram and 191.3k likes on OnlyFans, Sofia is a widely loved internet celebrity. She is known for her bold photoshoots and is a trendsetter for many. This article would let you dive deeper into her life. If you’re her fan, it’s going to be a treat for you and if not, you might become one after this.

Personal Profile of Sofia Bevarly: Biography, Age, Height

Currently 26 years old, Sofia is the perfect definition of beauty. Considering her popularity as a model, it is no surprise that she has a figure everyone admires. She 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs around 50kg. Accompanied with a blonde hair, fair skin tone, and brown colored eyes, she truly has a mesmerizing personality.

Weight50 KG
Skin ToneFair
Body Measurements (Approx.)34-23-34
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown

Although it would be interesting for her fans to know that she used to be very fat as a kid. However, she eventually became a fitness freak and one would never see her compromising with

her fitness routine. Moreover, she is a vegan and is very strict with her diet. If you’re someone looking for inspiration to exercise and diet to get slimmer, here we have an inspiration!

Sofia Bevarly Early Life and Childhood

It is known only to some of her followers but Sofia Bavarly is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She moved to Florida, USA while she was still 6 or 7. (Most people think that she was born and brought up in Florida which is not true.) Later when she turned 19, she left her home and shifted to Las Vegas.

Initially, she used to live with her ex-boyfriend when in Vegas. After a while, she started working and living on her own without any support from anyone else. As for her family, she belongs to a middle-class Christian family but not much has been revealed. She is pretty secretive about her family.

All which is known is till now is that she has a mother, a father, and a younger sister in her family. She once posted about her mother and father on social media and thanked them for all they did for Sofia. However, she didn’t reveal any other information about her or any other members of her family. Though in one of her interviews, she disclosed that her mother is from Coulmbia. But, that’s all the information we had.

Sophie Bevarly Educational Qualifications

Sofia bevarly did her schooling from South Fort Myers High School in Florida and completed her primary education in 2014. But, a part of it was online as she went to another city. Talking about further studies, she did her graduation from Florida International University. She didn’t go to the university for her graduation as well. She even dropped in between before taking up the course again and finally becoming a graduate.

The rising model has always been quite affectionate towards pets. It was to the extent that she initially wanted to be a veterinarian. However, she had problems qualifying for a couple of tests when she realized that it might turn out to be a bit difficult for her. Then, she chose communications and journalism for her graduation programs thinking that it might give her a platform where she could talk about important things.

Sofia’s Work and Career

Sofia Bavarly began her career at Hooters and after she got there, she received tons of modeling assignments to do. She worked as a model for their bikini pageants, international pageants, and international calendar. She became Miss April the year she joined in. She also worked for their commercials, billboards, and so on. She got a great start in her career and other projects came flooding in for her.

Following her work in Hooters, she got a project from Bang Energy and she is still working as an elite model for their drink. In addition to these two, she has Laos worked with various other organizations and brands like Manscaped, Knock Out Watches, Montce Swim, and Oh Polly Swim. Furthermore, she is also one of the brand ambassadors for Fashion Nova. She also participates in various bikini modeling shows.

Apart from her fully dedicated modeling career, she is also a social media influencer with a primary presence on Instagram and OnlyFans. She also collaborates with brands on Social Media which again acts as a good source of income for her. Additionally, she also has an online store that offers fitness gears and other gadgets that might be of some help if you’re also a fitness freak like her.

Sofia Bevarly Net Worth and Lifestyle

Although clear numbers are not known, it is estimated that her net worth must be around 2 to 4 million. Most of her income comes from modeling, social media, and her online store. She likes to live independently, travel, explore and try out new things. Apart from having earned enough to cover her expenses, fulfill her desires, and live the lifestyle she dreamt of, Sophia Bevarly is also thinking of her future in long term.

She has recently got a license for real estate in Florida. She is currently planning to use her savings to buy properties in the state. However, she hasn’t planned to sell them. Instead, she wants to put it on rent so that she has a passive income in the long run. She says that when she turns old and even if she decides upon not doing something for a while, she would still have money coming in that way.

Sofia Bevarly’s Boyfriend

Sophia Bevarly’s love life is something that has given her a lot of spotlights and also a lot of social media followers. However, it failed to give her something that one expects out of a love relationship. Although now her relationship status is & single & she once shared a romantic bond with renowned poker player and millionaire Dan Bilzerian. It was somewhere in the year 2017.

Although Bilzerian is a playboy and rarely gets into an official relationship, his relationship was Sofia was one of the serious ones. They were first introduced to each other during a pool party and quickly got along with each other. According to Dan, she seemed like someone cool and intelligent along with a unique personality. Initially, they were doing well together.

However, they broke up after 6 to 7 months as he was still seen being close with a lot of other girls around him. The model accused him of hooking up with other girls while dating her. Even when he was with his previous girlfriend, he used to cheat on her all the time and claimed that all of that was happening with her knowledge.

After he did wrong with Sophia Bevarly, he was highly criticized and resented by the latter’s fans. The netizens wrote a lot of things against him. For obvious reasons, it might have been a tough phase for Sophia but she seems to be quite sensible and realistic about it. The relationship didn’t turn out how she wanted it to be but she came to acceptance with that and moved on.

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Interesting Facts about Sofia Bevarly

Well, the write-up has already discussed a lot about her. From her childhood to family and career to dating life, we have covered all you must have wanted to know about her. But, before coming to an end, we have some lesser-known and interesting facts about Sophia Bevarly. Sofia is a keen lover of pets ever since she was a child and she currently has a black cat of her own at home. She is also a part of various social programs that help animals and promotes their welfare.

OnlyFans is her favorite social media platform out of all others.

She feels that she can be a more real and authentic version of herself when she is on OnlyFans. She often goes live on the platform and talks to her fans.

On a closing note, here’s a bonus tip. If you are a Sophia Bevarly fan and would like to connect with her, OnlyFans is your go-to place. She doesn’t check her DMs on Instagram and other social media platforms but OnlyFans is a place where she is quite active and interactive.