Who is Alka Yagnik’s Husband Neeraj Kapoor?

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Neeraj Kapoor Wiki, Biography: The Indian music industry is blessed by many soulful voices with Alka Yagnik being one of them. Anyone who adores Indian music adores her. But, music is not the only thing she is admired for. Her love life is also something that has always been looked up to by her fans. She and her husband Neeraj Kapoor make a couple that has always been a matter of public interest.

Neeraj has always been the kind of husband a woman would want. Well, I think you must have already guessed it by now. This article is not about Alka but her husband Neeraj Kapoor. Before we go deep into his love story or his married life with Alka, here’s a glimpse of his personal life.

Personal Life of Neeraj Kapoor

Neeraj Kapoor is mostly known in the media as the husband of the famous Indian singer Alka Yagnik. Born on May 26, 1970 in Mumbai, he is currently 52 years old. He owns a business in Shillong and has been living there since a long time. He has one daughter with Alka named Syesha Kapoor. Not much has been revealed about his life so far.

Love Story of Neeraj Kapoor and Alka Yagnik

The story begins somewhere in the year 1986. Alka and her mother had gone to New Delhi for some work. When they reached the station early in the morning, Alka’s mother’s friend’s nephew had come to pick them up. This guy (the nephew) was none other than Neeraj Kapoor. And, that’s how the couple met each other for the first time.

While referring to her first meeting with Neeraj, Alka once mentioned in an interview that her first impression of Neeraj was quite not what one would expect. She said, “He came in his pyjamas and my first impression was what kind of guy would do this”

Neeraj Kapoor and Alka Yagnik

Furthermore, she also told about his first impression of her. When Neeraj first met Alka, he thought that she looked like a ‘very glamorous woman alighting perfectly spruce from a train journey despite the early hours’. This meeting soon turned into a friendship. They regularly talked to each other and whenever Neeraj got an opportunity to visit Mumbai, he would also go visit Alka at her residence. This continued till next six months when they realized that the bond they shared with each other was something more than just friendship.

They started dating and the relationship stayed like that for the next couple of years. In the year 1988, the duo decided that it was time for them to move a step further and commit for life. And, this is when they talked to their families about their marriage. This was a memorable year for Alka as it was the same year when her song ‘ek do teen’ became a major hit and gave her the
ultimate recognition.

Although things were going well for both of them, their decision of getting married was not instantly welcomed by their families. Their families were worried that the physical distance between them would create a major problem. Also, the different career streams and the professional demands might have created even more differences between them.

Not only their families but almost everyone anticipated that their marriage would be a failure and they would get separated sooner or later. However, both Alka and Neeraj were reluctant to give up on their love. And, ultimately with the permission of their families, the couple tied the knot in February 1989. They were also blessed with a baby girl in the same year.

Life After Marriage

Although they fought for their love and got together, things were not too easy for them. As warned by their parents, the physical distance was a hindrance in their relationship. Even after marriage, Alka continued to live in Mumbai while Neeraj lived in Shillong. However, they tried

their best to make it work. Neeraj would constantly visit her after fixed intervals. On the other hand, Alka stayed in Shillong for one month every year.

But, things were getting difficult with time. The long-distance marriage was not working out anymore and it came to a point where the couple didn’t see each other for around four to five years. This is when everyone assumed that their predictions were right and both of them have separated forever. However, where there’s love, there’s determination.

After not seeing each other for such a long time, one might have expected their bond to fade away. But, on the contrary, this separation made them realize how much they love each other. They understood that they couldn’t live like that and the couple sat to work on their marriage again. And, even after so many years, they still stood the test of time.

Work and Career

Neeraj is a businessman currently working in Shillong, Meghalaya. He began his career with the same business and has been looking after it ever since. After the marriage, it was apparent for both Neeraj and Alka that it was difficult for the latter to move to Shillong as her career demanded her to be in the city of dreams as we call it.

Neeraj understood her situation very well and didn’t want to put her at the spot. So, he decided to try expanding his business to Mumbai. However, not only did the attempt go into vain, he also got cheated with a huge sum of money. Considering the situation, Alka took a call and asked him to go back to Shillong and continue with his work there as she didn’t want him to compromise anything more because of her.

In one of her interviews, she mentioned the same. She said,“Neeraj even tried to launch a business in Mumbai. But he is this simple small-town guy and he got cheated of a huge sum of money. So I told him that he should go back to Shillong and not let his business there get affected.”

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Presence in Media

Neeraj Kapoor has not made much appearance in the media so far. Considering the limited amount of details we have regarding him, it is very apparent that he is more of a private person. He doesn’t even have any social media accounts as of now and not much has been revealed about him.

However, you can find some of his pictures and life memories over the internet. Few of these pictures were captured by the paparazzis when he was with Alka Yagnik at any event or a place.

You can also find his other pictures on the social media accounts of his wife and singer Alka Yagnik, their daughter Syesha Kapoor and other relatives.

Alka Yagnik and Syesha Kapoor have a few posts dedicated to hum on their Instagram handle. Apart from that, there are many fan pages of Alka Yagnik who posts about Neeraj Kapoor with whatever image, video, or knowledge they have of him. You can see a lot of these pages putting up posts for Neeraj on his birthday. This is regardless of the fact that he is not on social media and might not see it.

These fans truly adore the bond the legendary singer shares with her husband. Some really nice couple goals right there!